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Enabling Ethio Telecom 3G on Android devices

Some devices require adding an APN to access the 3G network. If your phone is having trouble accessing the 3G network in Addis, verify that you have the following APN settings enabled:

  • Name: etc
  • APN: etc

SMS Problems?

If you're having problems sending text messages, make sure your SMSC (Short Message Service Center) is correct. To solve the issue, open the settings of your SMS application, write down the existing SMSC number (very important!) and change your SMSC to: +251911299704

How to create and enable the APN on Android devices

Step 1: Go to Android settings

Step 1: Go to Android settings

Step 2: Go to More...

Step 2: Go to "More..."

Step 3: Go to Mobile Networks

Step 3: Go to "Mobile Networks"

Step 4: Go to Access Point Names

Step 4: Go to "Access Point Names"

Step 5: Add APN

Step 5: Select the Plus sign to add an APN

Step 6: Enter in APN settings

Step 6: Enter "etc" as the APN name and APN

Step 7: Be sure to save it

Step 7: Press the menu button and save the APN (IMPORTANT)

Step 8: Select the APN

Step 8: Make sure the APN is selected and wait for the 3G to connect